You don’t have to settle for the most basic air conditioner for your Buda, Texas, home. High-end options are available to make your home more comfortable, add value if you ever decide to sell, and help to lower your monthly utility bills.

Geothermal Heat Pump

A geothermal heat pump uses the energy and temperature from the ground to heat or cool the home. Just below the earth’s surface, the ground temperature remains consistent. A geothermal heat pump uses that constant temperature and translates that to heating and cooling for the home. This system differs from traditional HVAC systems and heat pumps which uses the outside air to create heating and cooling indoors. Some Geothermal systems are also used for water heaters as well.

Geothermal Heat Pumps are an investment in your home, your carbon footprint, and your resale value. This type of HVAC system lasts up to 25 years, which is longer than traditional systems. Furthermore, these systems significantly lower your monthly utility bills since they use much less energy to heat and cool the home. The initial investment is pricey, but it’s an attractive high-end option for those wanting to make a long-term investment for their home.

Solar Panels

There are two options if you’re considering solar power for your home in connection with your HVAC system. Some people choose to use solar-powered energy instead of traditional options to run their entire household. Another option is to buy a solar-powered HVAC system, which only supplies the energy for your heating and cooling, not the entire home. Most solar panels are placed on the roof or in the yard when space is available, and these panels use the sun’s energy to create power for your home. You can practically eliminate your electric bill by using solar panels.

A solar-powered HVAC system relies on the sun’s energy to power your air conditioner, heater, or heat pump. When you use a solar-powered HVAC system, you are only using the sun’s energy to run your HVAC system instead of replacing the electricity for your entire home. It’s a smaller investment, but you also see less savings on your utility bills.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is an innovative way to heat your home. Hot water pipes or electric wires are placed underneath the flooring and the hot water or electricity heats or radiates anything that it comes into contact with. You still feel warm even though the actual air isn’t really being warmed. Radiant floor heating is ideal for some homeowners because it’s invisible, efficient, and helps prevent poor IAQ. Without air being blown through the ductwork, you remove the potential for all that dirt and dust being blown through your home, which is a large cause of poor IAQ.

Smart Home Innovations

Smart homes are making it easier for homeowners to control just about every aspect of the house. A person can look at their phone and adjust the HVAC system just by opening up their smart home app. They can also close the blinds in the afternoon to keep the extra heat out from the sun shining in with the push of a button.

Using their smartphone, homeowners can turn off their lights to save energy and limit excess heat as well. All of these possibilities help to eliminate heat in the home, which helps your air conditioner work more efficiently. Your AC will last longer, and your monthly bills will be lower thanks to these innovations.

Ultra-Efficient Air Conditioning

With all the options available for air conditioning, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Some people prefer to go with what they know, and want to stick to a traditional air conditioning system. Fortunately, you can still lower your carbon footprint and have a system that will save you money on your utility bills. Air conditioning systems are rated for their efficiency, and although the costs are typically more for the higher efficiency, they are worth the investment.

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