We use hot water for a lot of things including showering and washing dishes and laundry. That means our hot water heaters get a lot of use. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t give their water heater the TLC it needs to keep working day in and day out. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t neglect water heater maintenance in your Austin, Texas, home.

Reduced Risk

Water heaters have a safety mechanism called a pressure release valve that’s designed to open when pressure builds up inside the tank. If the valve malfunctions, the pressure can cause the tank to explode. An exploding water heater is an extreme case. Usually, you have clues to a developing problem before something that serious occurs. Your water heater’s label warns of the potential of explosions. Be sure to invest in regular water heater maintenance to prevent serious injury or damage to your property.

Lower Energy Bills

Heating water accounts for between 14 percent and 18 percent of the energy used in your Central Texas home. In addition to clogging your water lines, sediment buildup in the bottom of your water heater decreases the energy efficiency of your tank. Considering that the average American household spends between $400 and $600 a year heating hot water, regular flushing is an easy way to save money through reduced energy costs. During regular maintenance, our technicians will be able to detect any problem(s) that could lead to inefficient operation.

Longer Lifespan

A component called an anode rod combats corrosion in your water tank by attracting harmful chemicals in the water. If the anode rod fails, the lining of your tank begins to rust. By the time you notice discolored water, rust and corrosion have a firm hold inside your tank, and it’s time to look for a replacement water heater.

Americans view hot water as a modern necessity. Regular water heater maintenance increases safety, cuts energy bills and lengthens the time before you have to look for a replacement tank. To learn more about how you can have peace of mind when it comes to caring for your water heater, contact our plumbing experts or call 512-842-5066.

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