During the changing seasons in New Braunfels, Texas, you never know if you’ll need your HVAC system. A warm day in the midst of fall might prompt you to turn the AC back on, like an early autumn chill coan have you running for the furnace. This is the opportunity for you to listen to both your AC and furnace to detect possible issues. These funny noises indicate HVAC damage, so if you hear one, call a professional immediately.

Cracking AC

Cracking in the AC unit means frozen coils. Whether they happen indoors, outdoors or both, frozen coils are not good, because they prevent your AC from producing cool air.

If your coils freeze, turn off your system to give them a chance to thaw. Then call us so we can come figure out what’s happening. Typically, it’s either a refrigerant leak or a problem with air flow. We’ll test for both and repair whatever problem is causing those coils to freeze.

Squealing AC

When your blower motor is wearing out, it’ll start to squeal. Sometimes it can be hard to isolate where the noise is coming from, because the noise will transmit through the ducts and you’ll hear it all over the house.

Your motor might need replacing, or it might just need some maintenance. Either way, call us before it becomes more damaged.

Buzzing AC

Buzzing sounds coming from the outdoor unit usually mean something is caught inside it. It’s either connecting with the fan blades or vibrating against the other components.

You may think that, because you won’t be using the AC for much longer this year, you can ignore this buzzing. Don’t leave debris in your AC all winter.

Rattling Furnace

Rattling in the furnace means either a part has come loose or something has gotten caught in the mechanism. You shouldn’t take your furnace apart on your own to try to figure this out.

If you catch it when the rattling first starts, you’ll avoid doing more damage to your furnace. Letting it continue could mean allowing an essential part to fall into serious disrepair.

Scraping Furnace

When it sounds like metal is scraping against metal, you need to turn off the furnace. This scraping sound indicates that something has come loose and is hitting another part of the furnace as it runs.

A broken blower is no joke, and if it continues to run like this, it’ll cause internal damage to the rest of your furnace. Contact a professional immediately to assess the problem and take care of it.

Banging Furnace

Some furnaces bang when they turn on. The reason for this is dirt.

When the burners get dirty, the gas doesn’t immediately ignite when the furnace turns on. Instead, the gas pools and causes a bang when it finally does catch.

As you can imagine, gas building up inside your furnace isn’t good. This is basically a small explosion, and it’s capable of damaging components inside your furnace. Thankfully, the fix is very simple. During your seasonal heater maintenance, we clean the dirt off your burners so there’s no delay in the gas igniting.

Whether you hear funny noises coming from your HVAC system, this is the season for heating maintenance. If you get HVAC maintenance regularly, chances are you’ll rarely have to deal with rattling, banging or squealing sounds. If you haven’t had regular maintenance, contact Woods Comfort Systems at 512-842-5066. You may not be able to hear it yet, but your HVAC system likely has worn out parts.

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