With wintry weather just around the corner, fall is the perfect time to schedule furnace maintenance in Central Texas. Without regular checkups, a fuel-burning furnace can pose a fire hazard, leak dangerous gases or simply stop working when you need it most. Foregoing this critical furnace maintenance service can impact your finances too. You’ll save money all season long by ensuring that your furnace operates at peak heating efficiency.

Fire Prevention

Following cooking, space heating is the second leading cause of residential fires in the United States, and more than 25 percent of these fires result from improper heating system maintenance. In addition to having the equipment cleaned, inspected and tested by a skilled HVAC technician, you can help prevent fires by keeping the area around your furnace clear of things that can burn.

Protection Against Combustion Gases

Furnaces generate comforting warmth by burning fuel within a sealed combustion chamber. The equipment is carefully designed to vent harmful byproducts created during this process safely outside your home. Without regularly scheduled maintenance, however, the walls of the chamber can corrode and leak dangerous gases, including deadly carbon monoxide. That’s why the Environmental Protection Agency recommends regular cleaning by a qualified professional to safeguard your family’s health.

Heating Efficiency Optimization

The opportunity to save money on heating costs is one of the best reasons to schedule fall furnace maintenance. HVAC professionals come equipped with specialized equipment like combustion analyzers that calculate how efficiently furnaces burn fuel. Other tasks performed during maintenance service include:

  • Adjusting control settings for maximum comfort and minimal energy expenditure
  • Thoroughly cleaning the combustion chamber to improve fuel efficiency
  • Inspecting flue pipes and repairing or replacing any cracked or corroded parts
  • Checking the air distribution system and repairing any leaks that could waste energy
  • Inspecting the structural integrity of the heat exchanger
  • Testing for the presence of carbon monoxide

Preventive Maintenance Service Plans

At Woods Comfort Systems, our maintenance plans make it easy and convenient to ensure your furnace gets the care it needs. With chilly weather on the way, fall is a great time of the year to explore ways to enhance your comfort at home. To learn more, explore our heating solutions or call us today at 512-842-5066.

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