heat pumpFrom getting in shape to eating healthier foods, the beginning of each year offers fresh opportunities to make your life better. Why not resolve to enjoy a higher level of comfort too? When heat waves or sudden storms descend on Central Texas, a well-maintained HVAC system helps to keep everyone cozy and comfortable. Use these tips to enhance the performance and efficiency of the HVAC system in your San Marcos, Texas, home.

Master the Filter Change

Few HVAC components are more critical to your comfort than the simple filtration system that came with your equipment. Air filters don’t just let you avoid costly repairs by protecting crucial components from damaging dirt. They help to sift out allergens and contaminants from the air as well. Stock up to ensure you’re always ready with a clean one. Have a stack of filters handy, so you can be prepared and keep track of filter changes.

Sharpen Your Landscaping Skills

The outdoor unit also needs regular attention. The compressor and condenser rely on adequate airflow to operate at peak efficiency. Pruning shears, a stiff broom and some sweat equity are all you need to keep the air moving freely:

  • Trim back foliage to establish a parameter around the unit of at least two feet.
  • Establish five feet of clearance between the top of the unit and any overhanging trees.
  • Clear the area of anything that could clog the fins, including leaves, cut grass and other debris.

The right landscaping can help to optimize your system too. Consider surrounding the unit’s base with crushed rock to provide drainage and repel weeds.

Get Proactive with a Maintenance Plan

You trust your mechanic to perform the regular tuneups it takes to keep your car running efficiently. A professional maintenance plan offers you the same kind of assurance. This proactive service lets you avoid the expense of repairs and premature replacements. You’ll enjoy additional benefits too, including priority service and discounts.

Woods Comfort Systems has resolved to protect the investment you’ve made in your family’s comfort. It’s a resolution we’ve kept with our neighbors in Central Texas for 60 years. To discover more ways to enhance your life at home, check out our comfort solutions or call 512-842-5066.

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