You wouldn’t hesitate to take immediate action should a pipe burst and flood your home in Central Texas, but you may not be aware that even the smallest plumbing leak can cause just as much damage. Leaks lead to a host of negative consequences ranging from microbial growth infestations to higher water bills. Whenever there’s a leak in any part of your plumbing system, a quick resolution will save you from major expenses down the road.

Leaks: A Common Problem

Household leaks are so prevalent that the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that around one trillion gallons of water are wasted in the United States each year. The most common leaks include those caused by faulty toilet flappers, worn-out washers on faucets, and loose connections on showerheads. Fortunately, these familiar problems are fairly easy to fix. Just be sure to turn off the water before making repairs.

Undetected Leaks

The most dangerous kind of plumbing leak is the one you don’t know exists. Leaks caused by small crack or holes in your home’s hidden network of pipes might not be noticeable until there’s serious damage. Sometimes a higher water bill is the first indication that something’s wrong. One way to determine if you have an undetected leak is to check your water meter at a time when no water is being used. If the readings change over a two-hour period, chances are you have a leak. Other signs include:

  • Foul odors emanating from walls or floors
  • The sounds of water running although no pipe is on
  • Stains that grow bigger over time
  • Water condensation on hard surfaces
  • Discoloration on carpets

Leak Detection and Repair

Today’s modern advancements mean locating and repairing leaks no longer involves tearing down walls and ripping up floorboards. With 60 years of experience, our professional plumbers are experts at pinpointing leaks using specialized equipment for non-invasive solutions. Our team will then resolve even your most challenging plumbing concern. For more information about how Woods Comfort Systems helps you to conserve water and save money, explore our wide range of plumbing services or call 512-842-5066 today.

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