When summer temperatures rise in San Marcos, Texas, you may begin to wonder why your AC system doesn’t seem to keep your home as cool as you’d like. In fact, it may seem odd that lowering your thermostat doesn’t actually help much. No matter how low you set it, the temperature inside your home doesn’t fall below 78 degrees. Here are several reasons this might occur:

Your AC System May Be Overdue for Maintenance

If your AC system usually keeps you cool but has begun acting up lately, think about its maintenance needs. Are you changing filters regularly? Have you checked to make sure your registers and return air vents are clear of obstructions and that your outdoor unit hasn’t accumulated a buildup of debris over time? If your unit hasn’t received a professional tune-up in a while, consider scheduling one.

Your Ductwork May Need Professional Attention

If you aren’t getting sufficient airflow throughout your home when the AC system is running and your cooling bills are rising, your ductwork could be the culprit. It could be leaking that vital cool air into the unconditioned areas of your home. Smart next move: Have your air ducts checked to see if they need sealing or insulating.

Your AC System May Be Incorrectly Sized

If you’ve always had this problem, even when your system was new, your unit’s cooling capacity may be insufficient. In this case, you may need to upgrade to a larger system. But, bear in mind that a system that’s too large can be even worse than an undersized one, as it’ll cost more to run and it won’t adequately remove excess humidity from your home. Always have an HVAC professional determine the right size AC system for your home.

If your equipment is old, it may simply be time for an upgrade. If not, consider installing ceiling fans or using a ductless zoned AC system to provide supplemental cooling for your hard-to-cool rooms.

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