Keeping allergens in check is crucial when a loved one suffers from asthma or allergies. For our Austin, Texas, customers, we recommend these strategies to get rid of dust mites in your home.

Don’t Neglect Your Bedding

Dust mites enjoy warm and dark locations in your home. It’s a skin-crawling thought, but dust mites thrive in your mattress, pillows and linens.

They love feeding on your dead skin, so washing your bedding in hot water is essential. Prevent dust mites from making a home inside your mattress and pillows by investing in hypoallergenic covers.

Install an Air Cleaner

Air cleaners and purifiers filter dust mites from the air, reducing your exposure to them as you breathe and move about the house. A whole-home system works as part of your HVAC, neutralizing these bugs behind the scenes.

Install a Dehumidifier

Since dust mites thrive in humid environments, you need to keep your home’s humidity in check. A whole-home dehumidifier can decrease dust mite activity, making breathing easier for asthma sufferers.

Change the Air Filters

Air filters are designed to collect dust and trap dust mites. In order to prevent dust mite activity, though, you’ll need to change these filters regularly. Check your HVAC system’s air filters once a month for signs of clogs, and replace them no less than every three months.

Invest in Duct Cleaning

While changing your air filters is an essential chore, homeowners can’t exactly get inside the ductwork to provide a deeper cleaning. That’s where our HVAC service technicians come in.

After a professional duct cleaning, you’ll see a marked reduction in allergy symptoms, sinus issues and asthma attacks. For best results, schedule a routine duct cleaning every year.

Eliminating dust mites takes time, but performing these tasks is well worth it to enjoy improved indoor air quality and fewer symptoms. Don’t let your family suffer another season. Call Woods Comfort Systems at 512-842-5066 for high-quality services and solutions.

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