You need water in your daily life, whether it’s for cooking, bathing or drinking. You’re looking for something that helps you move away from bottled water as well as an option that offers you the best quality of water. This guide explains what reverse osmosis is, how it works and what benefits such a system can bring to your Lockhart, TX, home.

What’s Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is more than just filtered water. The reverse osmosis method uses pressure to push water through specialized membranes, which remove solid substances, larger molecules, contaminants and minerals.

Reverse osmosis system improves the quality of water for cooking and drinking by removing up to 99% of the contaminants in household tap water and what few contaminants remain in bottled water. Some contaminants found in common tap water produce foul odors or cause the water to taste odd. More importantly, others harm your health.

How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

There are usually four steps to the reverse osmosis process. The first step is to connect the system to the tap water lines and feed water through the system using a high-pressure pump. The water then passes through a sediment filter, which strains out dirt.

In the second step, the water flows through a carbon filter that traps mineral deposits, solid substances and contaminants. The third step entails pushing water through a membrane that’s semipermeable, separating any dissolved solids and leaving behind cleaner and better-tasting water. This stage may also involve additional “polishing” filters, depending on your needs.

The final step is draining the reverse osmosis system. Once any remaining contaminants have drained, the water stores in a small tank until you need it. Read on to learn about the benefits you can expect with reverse osmosis.

Better Health

When you remove the impurities and contaminants from your drinking water, you’ll know what you’re taking into your body is healthier. The contaminants found in drinking water, such as lead from old or corroded pipes, is a concern for millions around the country.

Lead exposure through water leads to kidney problems, high blood pressure, delays in development in children and other health issues. Water treatment facilities use chlorine to treat water, which is safe in low dosages. However, it adds an unwanted smell or taste to the water. Installing new pipes can fix this problem in combination with a reverse osmosis system.

Fewer Contaminants

When you use a reverse osmosis system, there are far fewer contaminants that you have to worry about. Of all the contaminants that tap water normally has, a reverse osmosis system removes up to 99%. This makes your water healthier and safer to use and drink without worrying that you or your loved ones will fall ill or experience long-term issues from drinking unsafe water.

Improved Taste

Have you ever drank a glass of water and experienced something odd about the taste? Or the taste was so off-putting that you spent money on bottled water to avoid drinking your tap water altogether? With a reverse osmosis system, you can experience how water should taste: clear, light and refreshing.

No More Bottled Water

If you’re one of the millions of people buying bottled water to avoid drinking your tap water, you can breathe easy knowing you just lifted a burden from your bank account. Buying enough bottled water to take care of your needs is expensive and adds up quickly. You can go back to drinking tap water and save the bottled water for emergencies.

Who says you have to live with water that doesn’t taste how it should or negatively impacts your health? When you’re tired of dealing with poor-quality water, it’s time for an upgrade to your plumbing system. Contact us at Woods Comfort Systems today to learn more about our water filtration systems.

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