Summertime is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors in Kyle, TX, but it can also be a time of misery for those who suffer from allergies. Pollen counts are high, and outdoor activities can leave you feeling stuffed up and sneezy. Here are four simple tips you can use to minimize allergies this summer:

Add an Air Purifier

One simple way to help reduce allergies in your home is to add an air purifier. Air purifiers trap pollutants like pollen, dust and pet dander in filters or on electrostatic plates. This can help create a cleaner, more breathable environment in your home.

Close Your Windows and Doors

Despite the love for the cool breeze in summer, it’s usually the peak season for allergies. Therefore, if you suffer from seasonal allergies, keep your windows and doors closed as much as possible all the time. This will help to keep pollen and other allergens from coming into your home.

Regularly Replace the Filters

Over time, air filters can clog with pollen, dust and other allergens. These allergens can circulate throughout your home when your HVAC system turns on. As a result, it’s important to check your air filters frequently and replace them with new ones when necessary.

Balance the Level of Humidity

Dust mites and other allergens thrive in humid conditions, so by keeping your home’s relative humidity low, you can create an environment that is less hospitable to them. There are a few different ways to do this, such as using a dehumidifier and investing in a ventilation system. By taking these steps, you can help reduce your allergy symptoms and enjoy a more comfortable summer. Balance your indoor humidity between 30 and 50 percent.

Allergy season can be a real hassle, but there are things you can do to reduce your exposure and symptoms. If you’re a resident of Kyle, TX, contact us at Woods Comfort Systems for expert advice on keeping allergens under control.

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