Whether you’re building your dream home or breaking ground on a new commercial facility, starting from scratch presents unique opportunities when it comes to optimizing your indoor environment. From precise temperature control to balanced humidity levels, many factors influence your health and comfort indoors. New construction gives you the chance to enjoy an HVAC installation that is customized to fits your needs to perfection. The ability to minimize energy expenses through increased HVAC efficiency is just one of the additional benefits that Woods Comfort Systems offers.

High-Tech Equipment

A custom HVAC installation lets you take advantage of the industry’s latest technological advancements, including heaters and air conditioners that can adjust their operation automatically to meet changing cooling and heating demands. Programmable control systems throw a new level of convenience into the mix, allowing you to pre-schedule different temperatures for different times of the day. Some even let you know when it’s time for maintenance. High HVAC efficiency solutions like ductless systems make it easy to individualize comfort in each living space or zone.

Sized Right for Your Structure

Ensuring that an HVAC system is neither too small nor too large is critical to your long-term satisfaction. Oversized systems waste energy and your money with frequent on-and-off cycling. Undersized units tend to run constantly without reaching or maintaining ideal temperatures. For proper sizing, building plans must be carefully evaluated to analyze factors ranging from the site’s size and orientation to the number of rooms, windows, and occupants. It takes the expertise of an HVAC technician with extensive experience in new construction to design a comfort system that is sized right from the start.

Balanced Air Delivery

When installing customized central heating and cooling systems, nothing impacts future performance more than the ductwork used for air delivery. From determining the optimal size, location, and placement for the ducts to establishing balanced air pressure between supply and return channels, building a quality HVAC system requires a thorough mastery of professional duct services. Without proper installation, leaks, and loose connections can develop that will not only compromise HVAC efficiency but will also provide access points for outdoor pollutants, pests, and insects.

A Clean and Healthy Environment

Another advantage that a custom installation offers is the ability to enhance the safety and health of your indoor environment. From air filters that capture microscopic particulates to ventilators and whole-house dehumidifiers, a number of HVAC products can be included in the custom design to improve indoor air quality. Implementing these clean-air products during the construction process is the most cost-effective way to safeguard everyone from the harmful effects of airborne allergens and pollutants.

Financial Benefits

Custom HVAC installation takes all factors involved in designing your home into consideration. Working along with the design and construction teams allows you to start reaping benefits the moment you start your system. The money you’ll save over the service life the system can offset the initial outlay costs. Today’s heating, cooling, and ventilation products are engineered with efficiency in mind and built to make the most of every unit of energy expended. Positioning the equipment in a location that provides easy access for seasonal maintenance allows you to save even more. A custom system that’s installed according to the unique design of your new building helps to eliminate energy waste and maximize your savings.

Extraordinary Comfort

Imagine a home that remains comfortably cool even when the weather outside is swelteringly hot and oppressively humid. Picture a work environment where productivity is enhanced by comfortable temperatures and fresh, clean air. Those are some of the benefits you can expect to experience with an HVAC installation from Woods Comfort Systems. With decades of experience working with builders throughout South and Central Texas, we’re the right choice when you’re on the hunt for custom HVAC solutions.

To learn more about the broad array of HVAC products and services that Woods Comfort Systems offers to home and business owners, professional builders and remodeling contractors, explore our new construction services or call us at 512-842-5066 today.

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