The average life of a central air conditioning unit is approximately 15 years. With air conditioning being a necessity almost year-round in San Antonio, Texas, reliable HVAC service is extremely important. For those emergency breakdowns during hot weather, you need a contractor you can count on. Some cooling problems, however, cannot be resolved by simple repairs. Others can be so costly that a new system may be a better choice. Following are some situations in which you may need to replace part or all of your system.

Efficiency and Performance

An AC system that is well-maintained will be more likely to provide optimum comfort levels and consume less energy. If you have kept up with your maintenance schedule each year, high summer electricity bills and uncomfortable indoor conditions could signal the need for a system replacement. You might be able to continue operating such a system, but without affordable and comfortable results, this would be rather pointless. A new system is likely the best option.

Outdated Components

Because the manufacturing standards for air conditioners change over time, you might face a problem that cannot be resolved well without replacing your aging equipment. For example, international standards affecting the use of R-22 may make it expensive or difficult to repair a damaged refrigerant line. In some cases, an existing air conditioner can be retrofitted to use R-410A or another compliant refrigerant. However, a retrofit is not always possible. In such a situation, a new system could be your best solution for more effective results.

Failure of Crucial Parts

One of the most important components of your air conditioning system is the compressor. If this part fails, you might be unable to have the system repaired. Be attentive to grinding, screeching, and rattling noises in various parts of your system. In some cases, prompt service could resolve a serious problem before it causes the demise of your unit.

When you face serious malfunctions or have other concerns about your AC, Woods Comfort Systems is available to help you to make the right decision. We are also available 24/7 for those emergency needs. We deal with AC problems quickly and efficiently, and our experts are prepared to provide you with an honest assessment of your options for repairing or replacing your equipment. Call our office at 512-842-5066 for more information or to schedule a repair or diagnostic visit.


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