In the warm San Marcos, Texas, climate, cooling costs are something you may deal with late into the fall. Though the average highs are still in the 70s and 80s through November, you don’t have to go broke keeping your home comfortable. Battle the moderate warmth of autumn in Texas with these tricks for cooling off affordably.

Cover Your Windows

Sunlight plays a big role in your home’s temperatures. You can naturally minimize heat in your house by covering windows where you have a lot of sunlight streaming in during in the day. Shading the trees from the outside works as well. A few well-placed trees or awnings can make a big difference in your cooling costs.

Care for Your System

Proper care and maintenance will help maximize your air conditioner’s efficiency. You should have the system serviced once a year for a regular tune-up. Our service technicians will lubricate moving parts, check electrical connections, and thoroughly clean and inspect the unit.

You can handle some important maintenance tasks yourself as well. Make sure you’re changing the HVAC filter every one to three months for the best performance and lowest utility bills.

Switch on Your Fans

Ceiling fans will create a wind chill effect that makes occupied rooms feel cooler. Relying on ceiling fans, you can turn back your thermostat without sacrificing any of your comfort.

Keep in mind, however, that fans don’t actually lower the temperature in your home. They’re only effective when someone is in the room to appreciate them. Turn your fans off when you leave the room to conserve energy and maximize this money-saving strategy.

Using these smart tips, you can keep your cooling costs at an all-time low this fall. If you’re overdue for maintenance on your air conditioning system, give Woods Comfort Systems a call at 512-842-5066. We’ll give your system a thorough inspection to make sure you’re getting the best possible energy efficiency throughout the year.

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