Smart thermostats aren’t a new invention, but many homeowners in Austin, Texas, have never heard of them, much less heard how much of an effect they can have on HVAC efficiency and home comfort. Correct smart thermostat usage will allow you to get maximum comfort and efficiency from your HVAC system. Here’s how smart thermostats will bring your comfort to the next level.

Personalized Temperature Control

When late spring and summer hit Texas, we all crank up the AC and try to get that wonderful cold air into every corner of our homes. The problem, however, is that we don’t actually need every area of our home to be cooled. You are likely to have rooms in your home that are rarely used? What’s the point of keeping those areas as cool as the rest of the house?

You can establish zones within different areas of your home and use smart thermostats to control temperatures in each area as needed. Different zones can be kept at different personalized temperatures. Controlling temperatures in this way will allow you to maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning system so that you increase comfort as well as savings.

Scheduled Temperature Control

Smart thermostats can also work on a schedule, cooling your home according to your needs and activities. Have you ever gone on a long vacation, turned the AC off while you were gone to save money, and then returned to find your home blisteringly hot? You can program a smart thermostat (even remotely, with a smart device) to begin cooling your home before you return so that it is nice and comfortable. This technique also allows you to save money while you’re away at work for most of the day. The system can be programmed to maintain a higher temperature during the day but cool things down before you get home.

Smart thermostats help maximize your HVAC system’s efficiency, which in turn leads to greater long-term comfort for you. If you have more questions about smart thermostats or would like one installed, or need any other service, give Woods Comfort Systems a call today at 512-842-5066.

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