Keeping up with technology is not everyone’s passion, but even if you’re not a techie, smart thermostats are worth a look. Here are three ways you and your Central Texas home could benefit from this state-of-the art device:

1. It Reads Your Mind

You don’t have to set this “learning” thermostat;” it sets itself. It studies your behavior and creates an ideal and energy-efficient indoor environment based on your preferences. It has built-in safety features too. If you turn off the heat when you leave on vacation and it gets dangerously cold outside, the device will automatically turn up the heat to prevent your pipes from freezing.

2. It has Lots of Bells and Whistles

This thermostat provides all kinds of data about your HVAC usage so you can tweak it to cut costs. The Nest Thermostat, for example, flashes a green leaf in the display window to tell you when your settings are energy-efficient. It monitors humidity and decides whether turning on the fans would be more cost-effective than turning on the air conditioner.

3. You Can Control Your Indoor Environment Remotely

When you change your behavior and you want the thermostat to comply with your wishes, simply access it with your mobile device and tell it what to do. If you’re running late at work, you can tell it to hold off on the AC until you leave the office; it will have your home comfortably cool by the time you arrive. If you’re staying up late, you can tell the thermostat to keep the chill factor going for another hour instead of powering down at the usual time.

Smart thermostats have oodles of fun features that can make life in Central Texas more comfortable, convenient and efficient. To discover all the cool things a learning thermostat has to offer, visit Woods Comfort Systems or call (512) 842-5066.


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