The summer heat is feeling unbearable in San Marcos, TX. A smart thermostat is a revolutionary way to regulate the temperature of your house and to make sure it feels comfortably cool. Below are the perks of owning a smart thermostat.

Save Energy

Smart thermostats significantly reduce your energy consumption, helping you save on your bills. Research shows that for a typical consumer, energy bills scale down by approximately 23% annually. With smart thermostats, cooling costs reduce by 15%.

Enjoy Remote Control

Most smart thermostats come with mobile phone apps. These thermostats are remotely controllable just by clicking your smartphone.

You no longer have to worry whether you left your AC system running while at work or on vacation. Just take out your phone and regulate your system from anywhere.

Utilize Advanced Technology

Smart thermostats come with high-precision sensors that detect even the slightest movement. They then use this data to regulate the temperature accordingly.

Because of its inbuilt sensors, a smart thermostat is able to learn your daily schedule. Therefore, while you’re away, the thermostat sets itself to a custom temperature.

Increase Efficiency

Smart thermostats are entirely intuitive and automatic. Most of these thermostats detect the outdoor climate and use it to adjust the indoor temperature. The Wi-Fi thermostat performs all the temperature regulation.

Wi-Fi thermostats also come in a broad set of aesthetically satisfying hues. Some of these thermostats use a touch screen.

Tracks Your Energy Usage

Smart thermostats provide you with monthly reports with your energy usage. From these reports, you can identify any changes in your utility bills and how much energy goes into waste in your home. This makes it so you can get an idea of which appliances to use more and which ones to use less.

Contact us at Woods Comfort Systems, and we’ll help you achieve exceptional temperature regulation in your home. We not only install smart thermostats, but we can help you with all your HVAC needs.

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