The latest in smart home technology is becoming increasingly popular in central Texas. As a result, homeowners using these handy devices are saving money on their energy bills, deterring theft and making everyday tasks a little easier. Check these top smart technologies to incorporate in your San Marcos home this year:

Smart Thermostats

The days of pesky manual thermostats are long gone. Now, it’s all about smart thermostats that offer plenty of perks and improve energy efficiency.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is considered the leading smart thermostat device. It can learn your habits for intuitive climate control and features an easy-to-use interface. You can even control the device remotely with your phone. As a result, you’ll have complete control over your home’s temperatures from anywhere at any time.

Best of all, the Nest thermostat can help you save an average of 15 percent on cooling bills. That’s sure to come in handy in the hot Texas climate where the air conditioner is almost always running.

Smart Security

If you want to keep your home safe, use smart technologies designed to deter theft and home invasion. Security cameras are easy to install and use the latest technological advances to deliver high-quality footage. Most offer easy video storage solutions and motion detection.

You can also install smart locks in your doors for added security. These allow you to lock the door remotely and get inside when you’ve forgotten your keys. Smart doorbells are another handy feature, providing you with a live video feed for who’s at the door. As a result, you’ll never have to guess who rang the doorbell and open the door to potentially dangerous strangers.

Smart Speakers

Getting a smart speaker for your home allows you to streamline some of the tasks you do every day. From putting together your grocery list to playing your favorite music, a smart speaker is an all-in-one device that any household in San Marcos can put to good use.

Are yo ready to make some smart changes to your home? Start by installing the Nest thermostat with the help of Woods Comfort Systems. Learn more or schedule an appointment by calling us at 512-842-5066.

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