Refrigerant leaks are common air conditioning issues that can cause problems for Johnson City, TX, residents. It’s best to hire an expert to fix the leak and refill the right amount of refrigerant. Here are warning signs that you may have a refrigerant leak:

Higher Utility Bills

Firstly, low refrigerant levels cause inefficient cooling and longer cycles, increasing utility bills. A refrigerant leak reduces the air conditioner’s ability to dehumidify and cool your home. Hire an HVAC expert to inspect your cooling system, fix the issue and refill the refrigerant if you notice a sudden spike in your utility bills.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

When the refrigerant circulating through coils isn’t enough, the system can’t absorb heat and function optimally. That explains why condensation forms on the evaporator coil and freezes. If you notice ice inside the outdoor unit, turn off your system and call an AC repair professional.

Warm Air

Refrigerant is vital in absorbing warm air indoors and sending it outside. When there’s a refrigerant leak, the AC system can’t absorb heat and cool your home effectively. The presence of warm air from your vents could signify a refrigerant leak.

Long Cooling Cycles

You can tell when cooling cycles are unusually long by the sound of air passing through the vents. Abnormally long cooling cycles are a possible warning sign of refrigerant leaks. This can cause your AC system to lag a few degrees behind the thermostat setting.

Hissing Sound

Finally, breaks or holes in the refrigerant line cause leaks. You will hear hissing sounds as the refrigerant escapes from the holes. If you notice a hissing sound from the outside unit, hire a professional to inspect and fix the low refrigerant issue.

When you see these signs, adding more refrigerant isn’t the solution. You need a qualified service technician to perform a tuneup or make a repair. Call our team at Woods Comfort Systems for affordable maintenance plans and air conditioning services.

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