When you experience issues with your HVAC system, you hardly expect your thermostat to be the culprit. Thermostats control when and how long HVAC systems operate. Below are five signs your Fischer, TX, home needs a new thermostat.

Higher Energy Bills

Your energy bills should remain fairly constant outside of temperatures higher or colder than normal. If you’ve noticed a strange rise in your energy bills and can’t find the cause, call a service technician to inspect your thermostat.

Inaccurate Display

Programmable thermostats have a display that shows you information about the temperature. If you notice that it displays the wrong temperature, the buttons don’t respond or you see that the display is blank, you need a new thermostat.

No Response After Changing Settings

Your HVAC system should immediately respond when you change your thermostat’s settings. When you lower the temperature setting on your air conditioner, you should hear a slight clicking noise before your HVAC system activates. If your system doesn’t respond to your changes, you should contact a service technician to repair or replace your thermostat.

Older Thermostat

Old thermostats, such as manual models, have a harder time controlling your HVAC system. Thermostats have a service life of about 10 years after which they’re considered outdated. New programmable thermostats are far more efficient and can activate your humidifiers or dehumidifiers to help your indoor air quality.

Your HVAC System Struggles

Your HVAC system not only keeps you cool but removes the humidity from your home. If you notice your home is too humid or too hot, despite your AC system running longer than normal, it’s time to replace your thermostat.

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