Replacing your home’s heating and cooling system is major project. That’s why you want to be you need to do it before moving forward. Here are four signs you need a new HVAC system for your San Marcos, TX, home:

Energy Bills are Skyrocketing

Older HVAC systems are considerably less energy efficient than new models. Their energy consumption may increase as the equipment ages regardless of how well you have followed maintenance recommendations. You likely run your home’s heating and cooling system for most of the year. You could potentially save money on energy bills across all of these months if you make an upgrade.

Equipment is Struggling to Meet Your Demands

If your HVAC system runs frequently or for longer periods and is less able to meet your home’s needs for conditioned air, a simple repair could resolve the problem in some cases. However, in other cases, the most cost-effective solution is to upgrade to new equipment. Newer HVAC systems include features that help you reduce your energy consumption and save money.

HVAC System is Aging

Some people extend the life of their HVAC system as much as possible through increasingly frequent repairs. This is because older components in an HVAC system will reach the end of their life and must be replaced. If your system is on its last leg, you may prefer to replace the equipment before it completely stops working.

Repairs are Increasingly Problematic

New HVAC systems have fewer repair issues and are usually covered by a solid warranty. If you’re tired of dealing with frequent breakdowns with unexpected repair bills, it may be time to consider replacing your system with a newer model.

Whether your HVAC system requires repairs or you want to learn more about the replacement options, our team at Woods Comfort Systems is ready to help. Schedule service with us today for a prompt response.

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