Your home’s ductwork is a vital component of the HVAC system. Ductwork doesn’t last forever, though. When it’s time to replace it, it’ll show a variety of indications. Here are four signs to look out for that indicate your home in Marble Falls, TX, needs new ductwork:

Your System is Old

The average lifespan of ductwork is about a decade if your air ducts have been receiving regular cleaning and proper care. If your air ducts are over a decade old, they will begin to deteriorate and can cause problems.

Due to their old age, they will likely need repairs often to keep them functioning. At that point, it will be cheaper to simply invest in new ductwork instead of constantly paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for repairs.

It’s Noisy

If you can hear odd sounds coming from within your air ducts every time you turn on your HVAC system, this is an indicator that it might be time to get new ducts. Your home’s air ducts connect to each other through fiberglass or plastic joints, so when these joints start to deteriorate, they can make loud and annoying rattling noises.

There’s Lackluster Airflow

Air ducts that are old and damaged typically produce lackluster airflow. The cause can vary, but it is usually due to having punctures and dents in the air ducts that allow air to leak out.

You Experience Respiratory Issues

Clogged air ducts not only interrupt the flow of air around your house but also contaminate the air quality and fill it with bacteria, which can be dangerous to your family’s respiratory health. If your family constantly deals with allergies and respiratory issues, replacing your air ducts could help alleviate their illnesses.

Sometimes, your air ducts need to get repaired, but other times, it would be best to just replace all the ductwork. Contact Woods Comfort Systems for ductwork repair and replacement services.

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