The summer is here! With plenty of outdoor activities taking place in Austin, Texas, including a number of live concerts and food festivals, you’ll want every extra dollar you can save to enjoy them without penny pinching. Considering cooling costs in Texas are some of the highest in the country because of how much the climate demands it for comfort, ensuring your unit operates efficiently should be as much of a priority as buying that event ticket or booking that family vacation. With that said, here’s how investing in AC maintenance helps put more Washingtons back in your pocket.

Save by Improving Efficiency

While homeowners who aren’t certified to work with an AC system can change their air filter monthly to help with efficiency, professional maintenance is the next step in optimizing your comfort and lowering cooling costs by up to 40 percent. With more than 100 components, it’s essential that a trained service technician services your AC.

Save by Reducing the Risk of a Repair

If you decide to perform maintenance on your air conditioner yourself, you risk worsening an existing issue or creating a new one. Speaking of existing issues, when you invest in professional HVAC maintenance, you increase the likelihood of a service technician finding a minor issue before it develops into a major problem.

Save by Avoiding a Replacement

When you don’t find that minor issue before it develops into a bigger problem, you also increase the risk of having to replace your entire system instead of only repairing one component. While a repair might cost hundreds, a replacement will cost thousands. No homeowner wants to deal with an unexpected expense that high during the summer.

For more information about how you can save on your cooling costs this summer in Austin, Texas, or if you’d like one of our service technicians to visit your home for a thorough AC tuneup, read on about how to reduce heat gain or contact Woods Comfort Systems at (512) 842-5066. In addition to a full complement of HVAC services, we also offer high-quality products from Bryant – an industry-leading manufacturer that has provided comfort since 1904.


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