Online videos and DIY articles often make repairing a water heater sound easy. This job is anything but simple, though, as trying to do it yourself can lead to several problems. Here are the top reasons we advise you to never attempt to repair your water heater in San Marcos, TX:

Electrical Risks

One reason to let a professional repair your water heater is the electrical risks the job poses. Mixing water and electricity is always dangerous because it takes just one small slip for you to shock or electrocute yourself. You could also attach the water to the wrong component and damage the entire system.

Gas Lines

Never attempt a DIY repair if your water heater runs on gas or is close to a gas line. The risk of damaging that line is too high. Not only can the gas spread through your home, but you might need to pay to repair or replace the broken line.

Fixing the Wrong Part

Even if you have experience with water heater repairs, which most homeowners lack, you risk focusing on the wrong part. Plumbers spend a lot of time learning the trade to work in Texas, and they can thoroughly inspect the system and discover what it needs. You could make the problem worse by trying to fix it because you might replace the wrong part.

Voiding Your Warranty

The companies that manufacture water heaters offer a warranty to protect your investment. You agree to only allow licensed professionals to service the appliance. Working on it yourself voids your warranty.

Exposure to Harmful Chemicals

Many people don’t know that water heaters use harsh chemicals, particularly refrigerants. You risk breaking the refrigerant line and inhaling the fumes, making yourself quite sick. Some of the chemicals can also burn your skin.

Now you know why trying to repair your water heater is a bad idea. Call our team at Woods Comfort Systems to see how we can fix your water heater right the first time or to check out our many other HVAC and plumbing services.

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