You may believe the primary purpose of your attic is to give you a place to stash holiday decorations and other things. But it actually does much more for your home than that. Your attic also provides a barrier between your home and the extreme temperatures of Spring Branch, TX. Here are four reasons insulating your attic has multiple benefits and ensures it lives up to its full potential.

Decreased Utility Bills

In a time when everyone is looking for ways to save money, lowering utility bills is a great place to start. Studies by the EPA show that between 50% and 70% of the electricity Americans use goes toward heating and cooling. When an attic has professionally installed insulation, more of the air remains in the home’s living space. As a result, you enjoy greater energy efficiency and lower utility bills.

Extended HVAC Lifespan

Since the temperature in your home is more stable with an insulated attic, your HVAC system won’t run as much. Since a system that runs for longer periods wears out faster, having a well-insulated attic can delay the need for a new HVAC installation.

Increased Indoor Comfort

Typically, heat flows from warmer areas of the home to cooler ones. Regardless of how technologically advanced an HVAC system is, when insulation is lacking, the house will experience extreme temperature fluctuations throughout the floor plan. Keeping your attic well-insulated keeps you from wasting air that you need in other areas of your home to maintain your desired comfort level.

A Safer Home

It may come as a surprise that having an insulated attic can help keep the structure of your home secure. Extreme heat and the presence of moisture are both threats to a home’s structural integrity. But the presence of insulation can reduce or even prevent these hazards.

Whether you’re looking for home insulation or other heating and cooling services, we’re ready to partner with you. Call Woods Comfort Systems today and ask about our heating and cooling options to keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient all winter.

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