It’s no surprise that central HVAC systems are the most popular option for heating and cooling in Central Texas. Thanks to their attached ductwork, forced-air systems can keep every living space in your home comfortable all year long. Problems that develop within the air ducts, however, can impact your comfort, health, and wallet. Here are some of the issues that can arise when there is damage or problems with the ductwork in your New Braunfels, Texas, home.

Damaging Leaks

Duct systems are subject to wide variations in temperature and constant fluctuations in air pressure. Over time, it’s common for gaps to occur along seams, connections and breaks in the material. In the average home, up to 30 percent of the air traveling through ducts is lost to leaks. The consequences of leaky ducts are threefold:

  • Leaky ducts force HVAC systems to run longer to maintain ideal temperatures, resulting in higher energy bills in every season.
  • Leaks draw in moisture from indoor and outdoor sources, creating a breeding ground for microbial growth, bacteria, and pests like cockroaches.
  • Drafty ducts disrupt the pressure balance between supply and return channels, decreasing air velocity and power, thereby diminishing your comfort.

Dust and Pollutants

Whether transported on clothing, shoes or family pets, a significant amount of dust and pollutants enter your home each day. Because central HVAC systems circulate household air up several times per day, these contaminants can accumulate within air ducts. These hidden pollutants can pose serious health problems, especially for family members with respiratory problems like asthma or allergies.

Ductwork Solutions

The best way to determine if your air ducts are performing properly is with a professional duct inspection. The experts at Woods Comforts Systems are equipped with the specialized equipment needed to resolve any potential problem. We are proud to provide San Marcos and the neighboring communities with money-saving solutions that enhance comfort at home.

To learn more, take a look at our duct services or call 512-842-5066. We provide the solutions that keep your household safe and comfortable, and help you to save energy as well.

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