According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, one of the most common reasons homeowners give their pets away is because of allergies. What’s more, allergic disease is the fifth leading chronic disease in the United States, including asthma. And that spells trouble for a lot of pets and pet owners.

That fact is, pets give us all the feelings we yearn for: unconditional love, companionship and stress relief. If someone in your home suffers from pet allergies, though, dander can make it feel more like a deathtrap than a pet paradise.

To ensure you and your pets live happily ever after, take these three steps to counter pet dander in your home.

Bathe Your Pet(s) Regularly

The first step is to bathe your pets regularly. It sounds like an obvious way to combat pet dander, but many homeowners simply skip this step because they’re either too busy or they know their pets hate it and don’t want to deal with the fuss.

  • Bathe your pets at least once per month, if not every one to two weeks.
  • Use baby shampoo or a mixture of dish washing soap, white vinegar and glycerin.
  • Apply a dandruff remover spray if bathing your pets often isn’t feasible.

Clean Your Home Routinely

This is an obvious second step, but cleaning your home routinely is as important as bathing your pets regularly. Here are the areas you should target the hardest.

  • Solid surfaces like baseboards and walls, which you can clean with a damp cloth.
  • Furniture and curtains, which you can clean with a lint roller.
  • Carpets, which you can clean by using a vacuum that has a HEPA grade filter.

Install a HEPA Air Purifier

Speaking of HEPA filters, installing a portable air purifier that has a HEPA filter will help with cleaning the air inside your home. The filter works by pulling pet dandruff from the air and surfaces around the home, trapping it inside the filter and preventing it from returning to the home’s environment.

For more information about how to improve your general indoor air quality , contact our team of home comfort specialists today. We look forward to making sure you and your beloved pets live a happy life together. Give Woods Comfort Systems a call at (512) 842-5066


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