A new heat pump allows you to enjoy innovations that prioritize energy savings and comfort. It can be difficult deciding when to let go of your system. Find some signs below that show it’s time for a new heat pump in San Marcos, TX.

System is Constantly Running

Heat pumps should operate in cycles. In one hour, the system runs in two to three cycles, with each cycle lasting 10 to 20 minutes.

Therefore, if your system is constantly running, there’s an underlying problem. Some reasons that may cause it to run without stopping include a dirty outdoor coil, refrigerant leaks, a dirty air filter and an undersized unit.

You may not need to replace your heat pump if the problem arises from minor issues such as a dirty air filter and outdoor coil. However, repairs cannot take care of an undersized unit. The best solution is to replace it.

System is Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when a heat pump shuts down in the middle of a heating or cooling cycle, starts again and repeats the whole thing. Short cycling puts your unit’s parts under a lot of strain, meaning you may need repair services more often. A short-cycling heat pump also causes your energy bill to shoot up and doesn’t heat or cool your home evenly.

System is Old

An old system will take longer to heat or cool your home. This is because its parts have become worn out with time and are no longer efficient. If your system is more than 10 years old, consider getting a new one.

System Needs Frequent Repairs

Usually, a system should go back to optimal performance after your service technician works on it. If your heat pump requires your service technician’s attention all the time, it’s time to get a new unit.

Contact Woods Comfort Systems for exceptional heat pump services this cold season. Our service technicians will advise you on whether to get a new system or to continue using your current one based on their inspection.

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