The ducts in your Wimberley, Texas, home keep the air flowing through the heating and cooling system. However, ducts don’t last forever. Since ducts are hidden behind the walls, it’s not easy to know when something is wrong, That’s why you need to keep an eye out for these warning signs that you need duct repair services:

Sudden Spikes in Bills

One of the most common warning signs that indicate a duct problem is a sudden increase in your monthly energy bill. While some fluctuation between months is normal, you shouldn’t see a massive jump from one month to the next. This kind of a rise in bills can indicate a leaky duct that’s allowing conditioned air to seep out. Since air can’t get to various rooms of the home before it escapes through the gap, the indoor temperature probably doesn’t get to a comfort level you want, so the system keeps running. As a result, your bills go up.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

If you notice any warning signs of poor indoor air quality, this is a good reason to bring in an HVAC professional to inspect your ducts. Dirt and other debris around the vents often indicate that the ducts are clogged, causing poor efficiency and a drop in the quality of your indoor air.

You could even have signs of insects or rodents living in your vents, which can:

  • Decrease efficiency
  • Create an unsanitary living environment
  • Destroy your HVAC system beyond repair

Some signs of poor indoor air quality include respiratory symptoms that disappear when you leave the home, such as:

  • Coughing
  • Congestion
  • Sore throat

Weak Airflow

Weak airflow is another indicator of a duct problem. When the ducts aren’t properly sealed and connected, the air escapes through the gaps and can’t provide the heating, cooling or ventilation needed in the home. As a result, you may notice that the air feels stale or your home doesn’t feel very comfortable, even when the system is running.

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