Plumbing challenges are like uninvited guests; they pop up when you least expect them. As typical as these issues might be in San Marcos, TX, they can ruin your weekend plans and cost you a lot of money on repairs. With the list below, you can stay ahead of residential plumbing issues and avoid surprises.

Clogged Drains

There are multiple reasons for a clogged drain in your home. These problems might occur in the kitchen, washroom or even in the bathtub. Any place there’s a running drain, clogs are likely to occur.

Drains and sinks can clog due to food particles, dirt, hair, grease or any other insoluble thing that might slip into the drain. Checking the kitchen sink, digging pipes and cleaning the sinks yourself can be a messy job. If you want to avoid this hassle, it’s best to hire professional plumbers.

Clogged Toilets

A clogged toilet is a problem that can throw homeowners in San Marcos into a panic. This challenge not only means your toilet is inaccessible, but it also causes water damage. The mixture of human waste and paper often causes this type of clog.

If you’re tired of forcing your toilet to work after flushing, it might be time to change its inner parts. A certified plumber can pinpoint the exact issue with your toilet and get it back up and running in no time.

Leaky Pipes

You should know that those outdated or leaky pipes can be dangerous to your house as the dripping water can impair your walls, ductwork and the overall structure of your property. Some leaky pipes can also raise your water expenditure.

So, when you’re checking your house for leakages, make sure you inspect all pipes. Even better, contact a plumbing company in San Marcos as some leaks can prove tricky to detect.

Bathroom Woes

When the water that flows into your bathroom drain or faucet won’t come out, you’re possibly facing a complete or partial clog. Even if you don’t face a complete clog, stable particles in the pipes can slow down your drainage to a drip.

Most plumbers also fix bathroom faucets because they’re a critical part of residential plumbing. Clogged faucets can dampen the day, and if this happens to you, ensure you contact a plumber with experience working with bathroom drains and faucets.

Slab Leaks

When rain pounds heavily in San Marcos, it can damage the slab that holds up your house. Even the slightest movement can cause an underground pipeline to leak or burst. If this happens, you’ll notice a significant rise in your water bills and most likely biological growth in the form of dark spots on your ceiling or floors.

If you see water spots on the ceiling or walls, call for a plumber right away. Expert plumbing can salvage what’s left of your slab.

Blocked Sewer Pipes

This may seem specific, but sewer pipes blocked by tree roots is one of the most common causes of damaged or blocked sewer lines here in Texas. Tree roots grow naturally in the direction of sewer lines because of nutrients and temperature. These roots can penetrate the sewer and clog it, and the pressure from ongoing root growth may cause the pipes to crack or burst.

If ignored, this plumbing issue can lead to sewage back up into your home, posing health hazards to you and your family. Constant clogs around your home could mean that you’re facing sewer line blockage, which requires immediate attention.

Understanding some well-known residential plumbing issues listed above can help ensure you call a professional early to fix the problem and avoid costly repairs. Our team handles both minor and major plumbing issues. Contact Woods Comfort Systems today to schedule plumbing repairs with one of our experts in San Marcos, TX.

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