A Nest thermostat has learning capabilities and other amazing features. As the cooling season arrives, it may be a good investment for your home in San Marcos, Texas. Read on to learn more about why you should install a Nest thermostat in your home this spring.

Get Useful Data

Every day you can review a summary of your energy use with your Nest thermostat. It also provides monthly reports that show your peak times for usage. Having this data can help you if you want to find ways to cut your energy use. For example, you may decide that you can use a fan instead of your air conditioner on cooler nights. If you try that for a month, you can compare your usage reports to see how much you saved.

Enjoy Smart Adjustments

If you’re perplexed by all the information provided by the data reports, you can take advantage of the Nest Sense feature. Using information from your past trends, it can automatically set comfortable temperatures for you while you’re home. When it detects that you’re away, it automatically adjusts your air conditioning to a higher temperature to save energy. With remote settings, you can adjust it via the app to enjoy a more comfortable temperature when you arrive home.

Potentially Earn Rewards

Nest has a long list of energy partners across the country. If your provider is on the list, you may qualify to enroll in the Rush Hour Rewards program. When there’s a period of higher energy use, your device automatically adjusts your system to consume less energy. By doing this, you contribute to keeping energy rates stable. Your energy provider may offer annual cash rewards, and there may be a reward for signing up for this program. Check with your local energy provider.

A Nest thermostat can make programming and energy budgeting easier. If you would like to learn more about its features and installation, Woods Comfort Systems can help. Contact us today.

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