Though Dripping Springs, Texas, rarely gets extremely cold in the winter, we have our fair share of chilly days that require turning on the furnace. To save money this winter, you need to know what temperature settings are ideal for both your furnace and your water heater. Setting them too high or low will cost you on your energy bills and compromise your comfort.

Thermostat Settings

The US Department of Energy recommends you set your winter thermostat to 68 when you’re home. Then, for up to eight hours every day, you can lower it between 7 and 10 degrees to save money. While you’re at work or sleeping, program the thermostat lower to save without it affecting your comfort level.

Remember not to shut off the thermostat to try to save money. That just means it has to work harder to heat up the house again. Remember also not to turn up the thermostat to get the house to heat faster. The furnace heats at the same rate no matter the thermostat setting, so you’re just programing it to be on for longer.

Water Heater Settings

Your water heater was probably set at 140 degrees when it was installed, and you may have never changed that. A water heater uses energy to heat and maintain your water’s temperature.

Turn down the water heater temperature to 120 in the winter, or even 110 if you don’t have a lot of people using your shower. Higher temperatures like 140 both waste energy and could potentially scald your skin if you’re not careful.

Another great way to save money before winter hits is to invest in system maintenance. Woods Comfort Systems will check your HVAC system and your water heater, and we’ll perform any minor repairs you need or refer you to our plumbing experts. If you have major problems, we can talk through the costs and steps to fixing the issue, ordering and installing any parts needed. Call us at 512-842-5066.

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