Every time you turn on the tap, flush the toilet, or wash a load of laundry, you trust the plumbing system in your Austin, Texas, home to deliver and drain water safely and efficiently. It’s all too easy to take the modern convenience of indoor plumbing for granted until an emergency occurs and you’re suddenly faced with a flood of problems. With a scheduled preventive plumbing maintenance program, you can avoid the cost and trouble of unexpected repairs and replacements.

Why Schedule Preventive Plumbing Maintenance?

While your plumbing system’s underlying network of pipes and drains may last as long as you own your home, other components need regular care to prevent costly repairs. Without preventive maintenance, valves can wear out, hoses can break, and drains will invariably clog. The resulting leaks and blockages can damage your property, disrupt your busy schedule, and even pose health hazards for you and your family.

Water Heater Care

Whether you rely on a conventional storage water heater or an on-demand tankless model for your domestic hot water, regular upkeep is essential for safe, effective, and cost-saving operation. Water heating accounts for around 18 percent of the energy used in the average home in Central Texas, but periodic maintenance can minimize costs and maximize efficiency. Depending on your type of water heater, preventive maintenance service can include:

  • Checking temperature gauges and settings for accuracy and efficiency.
  • Replacing the interior anode rod to prevent rust, corrosion, and damaging leaks.
  • Flushing storage tanks and tankless models to remove a buildup of sediment caused by mineral deposits.
  • Safety inspections of the flue, temperature pressure-relief valve, and shut-off valve to prevent fires and explosions in gas-powered heaters.

Your Full-Service Provider

From energy-saving water heaters to professional drain cleaning, Woods Comfort Systems offers everything you need to sidestep plumbing problems in your Central Texas home. Our ongoing specials and discounts make taking care of home’s plumbing needs affordable too. To learn more about our broad range of services, check out our plumbing solutions or call 512-842-5066 today.

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