When a ductless HVAC system cools or heats your home in San Marcos, TX, it’s always energy efficient. Here are three ways that ductless HVAC boosts efficiency and lowers your energy costs.

Zoned Cooling and Heating Abilities

Zoning is a feature that controls where air circulates in a home. Because ductless cooling and heating equipment has zoning abilities, it never wastes energy. Instead of controlling the climate in an entire home, including empty spaces, a ductless unit will only regulate the temperature in an isolated area.

The zoning feature is easy to control; you can adjust the temperature very conveniently using a remote. If you buy a ductless HVAC system that has mobile software, you can also make changes on the go using an app on your smartphone.

The Lack of Ducts

Although ducts help traditional HVAC systems distribute air effectively around an entire home, there are some disadvantages. The main concern is energy loss because up to 30% of the air that travels through the ducts escapes.

Air escapes when you need duct repairs. A ductless system doesn’t have ductwork, so it delivers warm and cool air at the maximum capacity.

Direct cooling or heating equals speed, and speed leads to savings. If you set up a ductless air conditioner in a small space, every cooling cycle will be shorter.

Handler Support

In order to save energy, an effective HVAC system must have the ability to track temperature changes. A ductless unit accomplishes this using handlers. These components give the system its climate control ability.

If you buy a ductless system, it’ll have several handlers that interact with a condenser. The more advanced systems are quite energy efficient since they have one condenser that powers four handlers.

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