Ductwork is responsible for supplying warm and cool air throughout your home. Ducts are prone to damage, which lowers the efficiency of your HVAC system in cooling and heating your home. Here are ways ducts become damaged and methods of prevention in Spring Branch, TX.

Rodent Damage

Rodents, small critters and insects may make their way into your duct system and cause serious damage. You may notice the presence of rodents in your ductwork since they make unusual noises while scampering through the system. You may also notice small insects crawling through the vents.

Rodents may die inside your ducts and produce unpleasant odors that lower the quality of your indoor air. Having a licensed service technician inspect the ducts will help to identify rodents in your ducts and clean out any dirt and decomposing organisms.

Rodents can chew on ductwork, break seals and loosen segments. They also cause discomfort due to the odd noises they produce. Have a service technician check your ductwork to eliminate any critters living there.

Age and Gravity

The pull of gravity can cause your ducts to loosen and break seals. Ducts consist of a variety of materials that break down, eventually leading to leaks and holes. This may lead to increased amounts of airborne dust and particles or allergy triggers.

Scheduling regular ductwork cleaning can help to increase the lifespan of your ducts and prevent damage. You can also consider adding support to sections of the ductwork or replace the entire ductwork system.

Poor Installation

It’s crucial to hire qualified HVAC professionals to install new ductwork in your home. Inexperienced or unqualified service technicians may fail to connect sections firmly, which may lead to leakages. This eventually leads to higher energy bills that may cost you a lot of money and increase your carbon footprint.

Impact Damage

Most ductwork systems are usually exposed in the basement where they can end up with minor or major physical damage. If the basement is very humid, the ducts may suffer from rust. Physical damage to ducts often leads to leaky connections and holes that may lead to uneven distribution of heat.

Ensure that a professional service technician properly installs your ducts with minimal exposure to damage. It’s advisable not to place anything on top of the duct system to prevent the weight from crushing the ducts or restricting airflow. You can also hire qualified service technicians to repair damaged ducts and restore comfort in your home.

Poor Maintenance

Scheduling regular maintenance for your duct system will reduce the chances of damages. Having your ducts professionally inspected and cleaned will ensure that they last longer and reduce high repair costs. It’s best to have your ducts cleaned at least once every three to five years or more frequently if you suffer from allergies.

Biological Contaminants

Presence of dirt, dust and biological contaminants in your ducts may lower the quality of your indoor air. They may trigger asthma attacks, allergies and other respiratory illnesses. They also weaken the structure of the ductwork system, leading to damages.

Installing air filters will help to trap dirt, dust and biological contaminants from damaging the ducts. Air cleaners and purifiers are also used to eliminate air pollutants in your home. Regular cleaning of your duct system will ensure that your ducts are free from biological contaminants, as well.

Loose Ductwork or Broken Seals

Ducts consist of interconnected sections sealed with a specialized sealant or metal tape. It prevents the loss of air and keeps the duct segments together. Detached segments lead to loss of conditioned air and discomfort in your home.

You can strengthen duct segments with mechanical fasteners to prevent leaks. You can hire a service technician to repair broken seals and increase the efficiency of your ducts.

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