As your energy bill surges with the Texas summer heat, your air conditioner has probably slipped into overdrive. However, if your system is working hard and you’re feeling the costs more than the effects, your HVAC system may not be running efficiently. Look for these signs that your HVAC system is causing you to pay more than you need to:

Leaking Air

Over time, the seams in air ducts can deteriorate and allow air to escape. As a result, it can cause your air conditioner to work harder to cool your home. Hopefully, your ducts were built properly from quality materials to prevent issues like this. But if your system is aging, you may need to have your ducts checked to be sure they’re properly sealed.

High Humidity

If your air conditioner is cooling your home but you still feel the oppressive Texas humidity, consider investing in a standalone or a whole-home dehumidifier that’ll work in conjunction with it. You’ll feel less tempted to blast the air conditioner just to take the humidity out of your home.


With temperatures hovering in the 90s, it may seem normal for your air conditioner to run around the clock. However, an overactive and under-performing air conditioner may be a sign that there’s a problem.

If the unit doesn’t seem to cool properly or take the humidity out of the air, the refrigerant may be low. If you’re hearing odd noises, that’s a dead giveaway that your air conditioner is on the fritz.

Air conditioners also operate less efficiently if they aren’t properly maintained. If you’re due for a service call, your system may only need to be tweaked rather than replaced.

Need professional expertise identifying the source of a high energy bill? Call the experts at Woods Comfort Systems by calling 512-842-5066 to make sure you’re not spending more than you need to.

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