If you’ve been relying on baseboard heating or a furnace to heat your Canyon Lake, Texas, house, you should consider the benefits of a heat pump. This heating and cooling system replaces your furnace, and Texas has the right climate for it.

How Heat Pumps Work

In an HVAC system with both an AC and a furnace, the AC cools the air with a heat exchange process, while the furnace uses fuel to heat the air. The AC’s heat exchange process can only go in one direction, which means that the air passing over the coils will always get cooler.

Heat pumps operate like an AC with one major difference: the heat exchange process goes both ways. That means when the heat pump is in heating mode, it reverses how the coils work to heat the air instead of cooling it. You don’t need a furnace when you have a heat pump.

Why Heat Pumps Are Ideal for Texas

While it certainly gets cold in Texas, it rarely gets so cold that we face feet of snow or below-freezing temperatures. A heat pump is most effective when the temperature is above freezing, which is why states like Texas are perfect for them.

A heat pump will still work when the temperature is lower, but they usually use too much electricity to be cost-effective at that point. That’s why people up north use furnaces, and people in the south use heat pumps.

If you’re worried about those few days each winter when the temperature is unbearable, you can always have a back-up furnace installed.

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