Are the energy bills in your San Marcos, Texas, home higher than you can handle? No one likes to pay more than they need to, and paying money for wasted energy can be frustrating. Surprisingly, higher bills and energy waste could be a result of the insulation in your home. When insulation becomes worn or damaged, it can create the perfect route for energy to escape. If you’re noticing any of these signs in your home, consider an upgrade to your insulation.

Temperatures Shifts

While the outdoor temperatures may constantly change, the temperature in your home should remain fairly consistent. If you notice drafty areas or hot spots around your home, there’s a chance that the insulation in your attic has shifted or become damaged. As a result, it has allowed hot air to come into your home.

Water Damage

If you have experienced water damage through leaks in your home’s roof, your attic insulation has likely become wet. Water and moisture can ruin most types of insulation, making it unable to perform its function. This means that not only can wet insulation create problems with your indoor air quality, but it can also make it essentially useless.

Animal Infestations

Pests in your home love insulation. Its warmth makes a comfortable place for them to sleep, hide and nest. Unfortunately, when they do, they’ll chew through the insulation. As a result, they’ll damage it and leave behind urine and fecal matter that can wreak havoc on your indoor air quality.

High Utility Bills

One of the most obvious signs that your insulation could use an upgrade is a utility bill that starts to creep up over time. Damaged insulation will allow hot air indoors, consequently also letting newly conditioned air escape.

If you’re noticing any of the signs above, it might be time to contact Woods Comfort Systems at 512-842-5066 to learn about your insulation options. Our professionals can help you find the best insulation solution for your home.

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