Clogged toilets can create a monumental mess, but before you call for San Antonio plumbing repair, consider whether you can clear the blockage yourself with one of our three easy DIY toilet repair tricks:

1. Wet/Dry Vacuum

Use a wet/dry vacuum attachment to remove water and debris from the bowl. Now, insert the end of the flexible hose a few inches into the hole. Wrap a thick rag around the hole so the drain is sealed. Press down on the rag and turn on the vacuum. Give it a few seconds to work; you should feel something solid move through the hose.

2. Homemade Toilet Drain Cleaner

Add one cup of baking soda and two cups of white vinegar to the bowl. The solution will fizz, so stand back to avoid getting splashed. Give the mixture about 30 minutes to dissolve the clog. Warm a half-gallon of water to just under boiling, and pour it slowly into the toilet bowl from waist-height to give it momentum. If the water drains normally, the clog is gone. If the water drains slowly, repeat the process.

3. The Trusty Plunger

Remove the toilet lid and seal the flapper to keep additional water out of the bowl. The plunger should be submerged so that you are using water to move the clog instead of air. Cover the hole completely with the plunger, push it down slowly, and then pull it up sharply. Push and pull the plunger vigorously until the water in the bowl drains out by itself. Unplug the flapper and try flushing the toilet. If the water threatens to overflow, reseal the flapper and resume plunging.

If you would prefer to let a licensed Texas plumbing professional handle the dirty work, the experienced service technicians at Woods Comfort System are always available at (512) 842-5066 for emergency service.


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