If you have a small leak in your plumbing system, it might not seem like an emergency. But there are many good reasons to take a small leak seriously. Even a leak that drips only a few small drops can create a health and safety concern. For those who live in San Marcos, TX, there are many good reasons to call a plumber right away if you have leaky pipes.

Excess Water Consumption

A leaky faucet that drips once per minute will use an additional 34 gallons of water per year. That might not sound like much, but it adds up over time, and getting it fixed can help curb your water usage and cut your bill significantly. If everyone has their leaks repaired, it could make a big difference in overall water consumption.

Structural Damage

As you can see, a small drip adds up over time. Imagine if this 34 gallons of water is leaking onto flooring or the structural components of your home. It could cause considerable structural damage, and this could be costly. This is another good reason to get leaky pipes repaired as quickly as possible.

Water Contamination

Studies have shown that harmful contaminants can enter our drinking water through leaky pipes. If a section of the pipe is damaged, the water surrounding the pipe can get sucked into the pipe and enter the home’s water supply due to a pressure differential. This untreated water could contain anything that has been dumped on the ground such as motor oil, pesticides, herbicides, animal wastes or paint.

Safety Risks

One thing that many people don’t consider when it comes to leaky pipes is that they could be leaking close to electrical systems. As a result, this could cause a fire hazard. In addition, water inside of walls attracts rodents, and they love to chew on wires. Water leaking into cool, dark places also allows for biological contaminants to grow, which can pose a significant health risk.

Broken Sewer Pipes

Leaky pipes bringing water into your home can cause several hazards and inconveniences. However, a broken drain or sewer pipe brings an entirely new set of risks.

There is the potential for sewage and harmful gases entering into the home, and this can pose a significant health risk. You must have sewer and drain pipe leaks repaired as quickly as possible and treat them as an emergency.

Recognizing a Potential Leak

As you can see, there are many good reasons to have even a small leak repaired as quickly as possible. If you see areas that are continually damp on your floor, walls and ceiling, it could mean that you have a leaky pipe.

If your water bill suddenly goes up and you haven’t changed your behavior significantly, it’s a good idea to have your home inspected for leaks. Another sign that you might have a leak is if you have a sudden drop in water pressure in one or more fixtures.

Some leaky pipes make themselves known right away. But it’s possible to have a leak hidden inside a wall that you don’t know about until something major happens. Having regular plumbing inspections and remaining vigilant yourself are important steps in making certain that your home isn’t hiding any secrets that could cost you in the future.

If you experience any signs that you might have a leak, it’s best not to wait. Leaks don’t fix themselves. The longer you wait, the more likely they’ll cause a costly repair bill. Woods Comfort Systems is ready to help with your plumbing and HVAC unit service needs. Contact us today if you want us to send someone as quickly as possible.

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