When you live in Kyle, Texas, your energy consumption tends to increase during the summer months. That’s because you depend on your air conditioner to keep you cool in the extreme Texas heat. If you’ve already taken basic energy-saving steps, such as adjusting the thermostat and turning on ceiling fans, you need a next-level solution for lowering energy usage even further. Find out how a ventilation system can help your HVAC system save energy while improving air quality at the same time.

Improve Airflow

As an energy-conscious homeowner, you’ve already ensured that your home is as efficient and airtight as possible. But did you know that tight building envelopes can cause ventilation problems that impact your home’s indoor air quality?

To ensure that your home has adequate fresh air, in any season, consider investing in a heat-recovery ventilator. This system exchanges stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air around the clock. As a result, it helps your home stay efficient and well-ventilated.

Recycle Outgoing Energy

Most HVAC systems exhaust stale air. When your HVAC system includes an energy-recovery ventilator, though, it gains the power to recycle energy that flows through the system.

An energy-recovery ventilator captures thermal energy from the outgoing air and uses that to pre-condition the incoming air. This energy-efficient device can lower your family’s energy consumption while still ensuring that you have ample fresh air in every season.

Address Humidity Issues

If you’ve lived in Kyle for long, you know that humidity levels can get oppressive, especially during the summer months. Even the most advanced air conditioner can get overwhelmed by the high humidity. That can cause your cooling system to run less efficiently and waste energy.

Energy-recovery ventilators are designed to mitigate moisture. These systems can assist your air conditioner with saving energy while lowering humidity levels. As a result, they can help your family stay cool and comfortable.

Ready to take your home’s indoor air quality to the next level while saving energy at the same time? Call the ventilation experts at Woods Comfort Systems today at 512-842-5066.

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