Clean water serves many purposes in your Leander, TX, home, including drinking and cooking. Purchasing a home water filtration system is the first step to ensuring healthy water for your household. Here are five reasons you should get a home water filtration system this fall:

Improves Your Health

Water comprises many impurities, both chemical and biological. Disease-causing bacteria in water could aggravate nausea and cause stomach upsets. Chemical impurities, including lead, chlorine and fluoride, also endanger your kidneys.

Home water filtration systems come with high-level technology for eliminating hazardous contaminants. You won’t just get tastier water with a filtration system; it can actually impact your health, too.

Safe for the Skin

Chemical compounds in unfiltered water could be the reason behind your skin breakouts and itchy scalp. Excessive chlorine and fluoride could clog your pores, leading to skin rash and other allergies. Hard water also aggravates skin dryness, particularly for small babies. Therefore, it’s vital to use clean water in your home.

Protects Your Plumbing Pipes

Mineral compounds in water could affect the quality and efficiency of your drain pipes. Over time, these minerals accumulate along the lining of the pipes, leading to limescale. Consequently, limescale narrows the surface area of the plumbing pipes, hindering effective water flow.

A home water filtration system will take away harmful mineral compounds from your water, preventing limescale buildup. Plumbing repairs are less frequent and cheaper when you have a filtration system.

You Use Less Soap

Hard water takes pretty long to lather. As aforementioned, a water filtration system takes out the excessive mineral content, so the water lathers quickly.

Therefore, you use less detergent when doing laundry and bathing. Additionally, filtered water doesn’t leave scum patches on your clothes, so they last longer.

You Don’t Have to Buy Bottled Water

Usually, homeowners in Leander, TX, opt to purchase bottled drinking water, adding to their expenses. A home water filtration system purifies the water, so you don’t have to spend more money.

Contact Woods Comfort Systems today for all your filtration and softening needs. Our service technicians will ensure you enjoy pure, safe water.

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