Soaring outdoor temperatures in Woodcreek, TX, make an air conditioner necessary. If you’ve noticed that your AC system isn’t pumping cold air like it used to, your indoor comfort can suffer. Read on to learn why your AC system is making your house feel hotter rather than cooler and what you can do to fix the problem.

Refrigerant Is Low

When refrigerant is low, the air conditioner will run continuously and try to cool your home without success. In situations like this, it’s best to have professional AC repairs done. A service technician will find the leak and make sure your refrigerant levels are set so your system will start blowing cool air again.

Your Thermostat Changed

It can be easy to change the settings on your thermostat without realizing it. First, check that it’s not set on heat and that the temperature is what you prefer for your home. Next, you’ll want to ensure the fan is set to “auto” so it’s not blowing warm air through vents while your AC system isn’t cooling.

The Outdoor System Has No Power

The outdoor part of your air conditioner could’ve lost the power of a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. If neither is the issue, a service technician can closely inspect why power isn’t running to your outdoor unit.

Coils Need Cleaning

Your AC system can’t blow cold air when dirt or dust is on the evaporator coils. Fortunately, this is part of routine AC maintenance, which you should schedule for your HVAC system at least once or ideally twice per year.

Help With Your AC System

Lack of cold air can make anyone miserable in Woodcreek, TX, heat. Our experienced service technicians are available to handle the issue efficiently. Call Woods Comfort Systems today to explore your new AC installation options to get your home comfortable again.

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