Most odors from an air conditioner are harmless, but some may indicate a slight problem or even something more serious. Understanding what different smells mean can help you determine if there’s a potential issue with your air conditioning system and when to call for professional repair services in San Marcos, TX. Read on for some common AC odors and usual causes.

Musty Smell

Musty odors can be a sign that there’s a leak in the air conditioning system. These leaks can occur in ducts and other components of the AC system, such as the return duct.

Air leaks from these sources can pull moisture, odors and soil gases from the crawl space into the home through the air handler. In addition, the smells often indicate the growth of biological contaminants in dark, damp areas of the AC system, such as the condensate drain pan.

Burning Smell

Burning plastic is typically accompanied by smoke and burning wires or other device components. If the smell comes from your air conditioner, it can indicate that something inside is burning or melting.

The burning smell could be due to electrical issues, worn-out parts, high-pressure levels in the system or a refrigerant leak. When you detect this odor from your AC system, turn off the power and contact a professional for inspection and air conditioning repair.

Chemical Smell

The most common cause of a chemical smell is refrigerant leaking from the AC system. This chemical smell can range from a mild, musty odor to a strong and pungent chemical scent.

The most common symptom of a refrigerant leak is the smell of chlorine, which can indicate a low coolant level in your system. Other odors, including ammonia and rotten eggs, may be present, which could mean a faulty compressor or a dirty evaporator coil.

While some smells are usual, others indicate a serious problem requiring immediate attention. If you smell something unusual emanating from your AC system, take note of the odor and contact us at Woods Comfort Systems to schedule an air conditioning repair and invest in a maintenance plan in San Marcos, TX.

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