Imagine a home that’s as comfortable in the winter as it is on a balmy summer day. With a little help from your trusted HVAC provider, you can turn that vision into reality and save money during the process too. A focus on energy efficiency is the key to great results. Home improvements that maximize HVAC heating efficiency will also slash your energy bills by 50 percent or more. Why not make your Austin, Texas, home as warm and toasty as you’d like it to be? Here are five proven ways to keep the cold outside.

Plug Air Leaks

Nothing disrupts your indoor comfort like a pesky draft. Even when your heater is running at full blast, air infiltration can affect your comfort. Start your quest for comfort by locating air leaks that let outdoor air inside. A stick of burning incense can help you to identify sources of air infiltration. Use weatherstripping, caulk and spray foam insulation to plug up the leaks. Look for cracks and gaps around anything that penetrates your home’s exterior, including:

  • Service entrances for gas, cable TV and phone lines
  • Plumbing pipes and outdoor water faucets
  • Kitchen, bathroom and dryer vents
  • Electrical boxes, wiring and outlets
  • Window and door frames

Check the Ductwork

Air leakage in HVAC ductwork is a common problem as well, especially during the winter. Heat naturally flows towards colder areas, so leaks or loose connections can cause substantial heat loss. Non-insulated air ducts that pass through unheated spaces like attics or crawlspaces are big energy wasters as well. You can enjoy a higher level of comfort while saving money by sealing and insulating HVAC ductwork. It’s best to leave this job to a qualified HVAC professional who has the tools and expertise to seal or replace ductwork correctly.

Seal the Attic

It’s estimated that 9 out 10 homes in the United States are inadequately insulated. An energy upgrade that quickly pays for itself through lower utility costs, attic insulation offers benefits in any season. In the winter, the thermal barrier lets you keep more of your valuable heated air indoors. Adding attic insulation also makes it easier to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout your home. Your heater will run less often while providing you with an enhanced level of warmth and comfort.

Install a Smarter Thermostat

The latest generation of smart thermostats does away with complicated settings and manual programming. The new and improved learning thermostats are equipped with technologies that adapt to your preferences on their own. With this smart device, there’s no need to leave the heater running while you’re away. A learning thermostat can anticipate your arrival based on your habits and slowly raise the temperature so that you come home to an ideal environment. Products like the Nest Learning Thermostat even let you monitor and adjust operation from your computer or smartphone.

Optimize Heating Efficiency

Just as your car runs best with regular tuneups, your heater operates more efficiently with scheduled care. Enrolling in a professional HVAC maintenance plan is the most cost-effective way to ensure your heater delivers peak performance. Regularly scheduled checkups also offer you protection against unexpected repairs and emergency replacements. When the weather turns icy cold, it’s a great feeling knowing that your heater will keep everyone snug and warm.

When it comes to keeping you comfortable, the professional team at Woods Comfort Systems offers a broad array of cost-saving solutions. We invite you to take advantage of our 60 years of experience serving the communities around Austin and San Antonio. To learn more about energy-saving upgrades designed to enhance your winter comfort, explore our wide range of heating services or call 512-842-5066.

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