Your air conditioning system works overtime during the long warm-weather season in Texas to keep everyone cool and comfortable. Without regular maintenance, the extra strain that summer temperatures put on your air conditioner can cause it break down when you most need relief from the oppressive heat. Ensuring that your AC stays up and running is just one of the many benefits that enrolling in a regular care program offers. Scheduling AC maintenance during spring is a great way to be sure your system is ready for the hot months ahead in the Central Texas area.

Lower Energy Bills

Every part of your air conditioning system plays a vital role in the system’s overall efficiency. For example, the Environmental Protection Agency found that even simple maintenance tasks like replacing a dirty air filter can reduce AC energy usage by up to 15 percent. The advantage of professional AC maintenance is that it synchronizes the entire system for maximum energy efficiency, providing a service that pays for itself through lower monthly cooling costs.

Long-Term Savings

During each seasonal maintenance call, your HVAC technician will perform an array of tasks using specialized tools to test, clean and calibrate the equipment. From system controls and thermostats to motors, coils, and electrical connections, everything is inspected to verify proper operation. The end result is an optimized system that lasts longer and needs fewer repairs over its long service life. A planned maintenance agreement offers you a convenient way to enjoy savings for many years to come.

Health and Comfort Benefits

Just as your car runs better with regular care, AC maintenance improves the performance of your cooling system too. Clean-running systems help keep humidity levels in your home balanced and safeguard you against airborne contaminants as well.

Because neglected systems can develop refrigerant and condensate leaks, scheduling maintenance also protects your home and furnishing from damage.

At Woods Comfort Systems, our Comfort Care Membership packages make it easy and affordable to for you to help keep your AC system operating at peak performance. To learn more or to schedule a maintenance visit, give us a call today at 512-842-5066.


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